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Venetian blinds

Our venetian blinds are the classic among the sun, sight and glare reduction options. They are inexpensive, effective and visually appealing and can be used in commercial premises as well as in offices and private rooms.

Venetian blinds

Our venetian blinds are the classic among the sun, sight and glare reduction options. They are inexpensive, effective and visually appealing and can be used in commercial premises as well as in offices and private rooms.

Aluminum blinds are the classic way to go when it comes to sun and glare protection. They are universally applicable, regulate the light and can also be used to regulate the room temperature.

Whether at work or at home – you are always well advised to use venetian blinds. Adjusting the slats and regulating light incidence is up to you, allowing for enough daylight into your rooms. Depending on the setting you choose, you can watch what’s going on outside your windows.

Create a pleasant and work-friendly room climate with the transparent and heat-resistant films. The advantage of roller blinds is that the view to the outside is not disturbed.

This means, the glare or sun protection roller blinds keep out the sunlight and the heat while not blocking your view. Instead, enjoy a free and unobstructed view outside. This is especially beneficial if your office is facing south. Without glare and sun protection roller blinds, it would be necessary to close the curtains all day long. Thanks to AQUASUN products, you can benefit from a cool and glare-free indoor and working environment while using the natural daylight.

Venetian blinds as sight protection


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venetian blinds and their advantages at a glance:

Venetian blinds have many advantages you benefit from every day. This includes, among others:

  • Each individual slat is available in different colors and widths
  • Suitable for modern window shapes and sloping windows
  • Wide range of products
  • Special designs are possible
  • Suitable also for sanitary areas
  • Individually adjustable
  • Manual and electrical operation possible
  • Individual regulation of light incidence
  • Suitable for commercial, office and private rooms
  • Also recommended as privacy screen
Venetian blinds as sight protection

our expert tip

Our venetian blinds are made of aluminum, are very durable, can be cleaned easily and are light in weight.


Shading can be especially useful in office rooms, for example when screen workstations must be provided with glare protection. Since the venetian blinds can be adjusted variably, they are the preferred solution for glare and sun protection. In addition, they are low-priced, so that their purchase is possible even with a small budget.

Aluminum blinds are available in different widths and colors. Besides the classic manual operating options such as cord, rod, crank or bead chain, electric applications are also available if you wish.

Aluminum blinds are mounted on the room’s inside. They do not affect the façade and can be installed without a building permit. You can chose between installation inside or in front of a window recess. In addition, you can mount the blinds on the window frame or on a glass rail. This allows you to open the windows even when the blinds are lowered.

Are you looking for that perfect sun, glare or light protection for your premises? Then let us advise you on our blinds. We will present all possibilities and draw up a non-committing offer. As experts in the field, we have been in business successfully for more than 39 years. On request, we also offer the complete installation.

Especially offices and private rooms, which are exposed to the sun for a long time in the summer months, will benefit from these product features.

Das ist vor allem bei Räumen auf der Süd- und Westseite des Gebäudes der Fall. Hier scheint die Sonne besonders lang durch die Fenster und ein Aufheizen des Raumes ist kaum zu vermeiden. Bildschirmarbeitsplätze ohne Blendschutz sind kaum zu nutzen. Die Folienrollos der Marke MULTIFILM sind hier die optimale Lösung, um ein ungestörtes und wohltemperiertes Arbeiten zu ermöglichen. Gerne beraten wir Sie umfassend zu der optimalen Lösung für Ihre individuellen Begebenheiten.

This is the case particularly for rooms facing south or west. Here, the sun shines through the windows for a long time and it is hard to avoid the room heating up. Screen workstations without glare protection are hardly to be used. Roller blinds of the MULTIFILM brand are the optimal solution to ensure undisturbed and well-tempered work. We are happy to advise you comprehensively on the perfect solution for your individual circumstances.

Venetian blinds as sight protection


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Laying sun protection films on window surfaces, such as on a modern facade, lowers temperature, curbs energy costs and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

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