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Pleated blinds

Our pleated blinds are custom made to fit any customer’s needs in terms of interior design, lighting design, privacy or dimming.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated fabrics are folded fabrics or films equipped with a lower and upper mounting rail. They can be applied to virtually all window forms. The construction form allows for the package to be parked at the top or bottom of the window. The pleated blind can shade part of the window or the entire surface.

Our pleated blinds are custom-made to fit any customer’s needs in terms of interior design, lighting design or dimming. The honeycomb pleated design also comes with an insulating effect against heat loss to the outside.

Depending on the application, you determine design, fabric and color concept. Are you aiming for sun or glare protection? Do you wish to prevent views from the outside? What amount of daylight do you want to let in? Are you more interested in decoration or design? The blinds can be installed into the frame or on top of the frame without drilling.

Pleated blinds as variable privacy protection


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Pleated blinds and their benefits at a glance:

With pleated blinds you have all the possibilities, whether in private or business. Our blinds from AQUASUN deliver to you the following advantages:

  • Universally and flexibly applicable
  • Windows can be shaded partially and individually
  • Great selection of fabrics, patterns and colors
  • Also available as film
  • Hanging or fixed installation
  • Mounting possible without drilling
  • Applicable as sun or privacy protection
  • Available in individual sizes
  • Decorative effect for your rooms
Dimming with pleated blinds

Our expert tip

Use our pleated blinds as sun and glare protection, as a decorative and light design element. Choose from endless varieties of colors and designs. Pleated blinds improve any window, whether at home, in offices, children’s rooms, medical offices, winter gardens or meeting rooms.


AQUASUN is your competent partner when it comes to protective films, roller blinds, slats or pleated blinds – since 1978. We offer to you a variety of services from individual advice to installation by our own staff.

Our pleated blinds are custom made from German production. You have virtually limitless options in terms of design, installation, sun and glare protection and operation. High quality material guarantees longevity and a modern, decorative appearance.

Pleated blinds are especially individual and decorative. The light transmission is in your hands – you could even install two blinds with different levels of light transmission. The honeycomb pleated design furthermore reduces heat loss during the winter. Where you shade your windows is up to you: top, bottom, center or the whole surface – it does not get any more individual than this.

Could we convince you of our pleated blinds or are you interested in further information or advice? Then call us, send us an e-mail or reach out to us with the contact form. We are happy to advise you comprehensively and answer all your questions concerning our products. Make an appointment with us right now. We look forward to you.

Pleated blinds with variable application


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Laying sun protection films on window surfaces, such as on a modern facade, lowers temperature, curbs energy costs and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

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