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Data protection film

This innovative, transparent light grey window film protects from curious views onto LCD Screens. This is the answer of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since 28th of May 2018.

Data Protection Film Casper

There’s a tension in many workplaces today. Organizations want transparent, collaborative environments. Leaders want to be visible stewards of their company culture. But, there are times when information just has to stay private. Large-scale monitor displays help teams work together. But, glass walled meeting rooms could display sensitive data to people passing nearby. Is the only solution to pull blinds and shut doors? We don’t think so.

Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex solves this problem using architectural film for glass walls that only blocks people’s ability to see what’s on a digital screen inside the room. People walking by can see faces and gestures, but can’t see content displayed on any LED or LCD screen inside.
The technoligy is based on a blue light filter. After installation on the interior glas you can look into the room but the screens are blacked out. It works well on screens with 40 inch and bigger. Casper does not work for Beamer, OLED and Plasma Screens. It is for interior use only.

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Casper and its advantages:

Aquasun is your window film specialist since more than 40 years. We inform, advice, calculate, compare and install the best window film solutions or other sun protection products according to your need. Here the advantages for Casper:

  • qualified installation by own installers
  • no maintenance – long life span
  • not affected by any weather
  • Data protection for sensilbe areas according to European law
  • Casper gives people both transparency and confidentiality simultaneously
Meeting room with Data Protection Film Casper

Our expert tip

Casper protects sensible data and fullfills the equvalent European law. Ask for our consultation.


Our window films are self-adhesive and are applied to any even and grease-free surface without bubbles or streaks and can be applied on large glass surfaces like facades and doors. Our films can be adjusted in size and shape to suit your needs. All films are accurately mounted on site making them universally applicable, unlike roller blinds or curtains, even on skylights.

The outstanding product features pay off in every situation. Whether in the office, in executive areas or in Conference rooms – our protection films always perform well.

Especially in conference rooms you will appreciate the advantages of our Data Potection Film. By separating the rooms with huge glass surfaces, your data on the LCD screens are exposed to foreign eyes. The Data Protection Film from AQUASUN prevents this and ensures discreet work and discreet negotiations with your customers.

We will be happy to advise you on our products – always taking into account your individual circumstances and focused on finding an optimal solution. Contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to you.

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Laying sun protection films on window surfaces, such as on a modern facade, lowers temperature, curbs energy costs and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

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