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Anti glare films

Anti-glare films made by AQUASUN bring with them a number of advantages. Our films not only reduce glare and reflections, but also heat radiation.

Anti-glare film

Anti-glare films are perfectly suited for creating a pleasant indoor climate, which allows for a glare and reflection-free working environment. Our anti-glare films are engineered for you to benefit from glare protection while having a clear and distortion-free view to the outside. With these films, you will receive a quality product from AQUASUN, which meets several requirements.

Create a work-friendly indoor climate with our anti-glare films. Benefit from the universal applicability, easy installation and many other advantages compared to roller blinds.

Anti-glare films made by AQUASUN bring with them a number of advantages, like creating a pleasant indoor climate. You can benefit from our films especially during the summer months, when buildings, offices and rooms can easily heat up. Our films not only reduce glare and reflections, but also heat radiation. Where this radiation is reduced, rooms will not heat up as much even on a sunny day. As a further benefit, a distortion-free view will allow you to work on screens while avoiding postural damage, and experience more effective work.

Anti-glare film with 8% light transmission


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anti-glare films and their Benefits at a glance:

AQUASUN is your specialist for anti-glare films of all kinds. All of our products and advisory service build on nearly 40 years of company history. In addition, we offer you a professional high-quality installation of the films. Benefit now from the advantages of our anti-glare films:


  • Pleasant room climate
  • Clear and distortion-free view to the outside
  • Glare-free work on screens
  • Reduction of glare
  • Improves posture, as there is no need to try to compensate for glare from a different sitting position
  • Special reflectors and coatings reduce glare
  • Avoids overstraining the eyes
  • Also suitable for skylights and special format windows
  • Bubble-free mounting by our assembly staff
  • Film can be removed without residue after use
  • Temporary privacy protection
Anti-glare film for an office building


Apply our anti-glare film in your workspace and benefit from its positive features. Turn a simple window glass into a functional glass and defy sun and heat.


With anti-glare films from AUQASUN you receive multiple protection, which comes with great benefit. The level of glare protection meets the recommendations of leading institutions. In addition, all legal regulation and guidelines are met, so that your new glare protection meets the latest requirements. Furthermore, since the view to the outside is not restricted, you can follow what’s happening at any time without having to open a window or a door.

Do not hesitate too long and benefit from our anti-glare films in the near future.

Rooms facing south or west should benefit from our anti-glare films. They receive the most amount of sunlight throughout the day, so that glare protection is particularly useful – especially if these workspaces are equipped with screens.

If you are interested in further information on our anti-glare films or a personal consultation, please contact us. We will gladly advise you and show you which advantages you will have from our films. Simply contact us by e-mail or phone and make an appointment. We look forward to you.

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Laying sun protection films on window surfaces, such as on a modern facade, lowers temperature, curbs energy costs and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

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