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Here you will find a selection of our range of services and projects that we have completed throughout the years.


As a subcontractor of the company Züblin we have contracted numerous projects such as the University of Cologne or the WDR Arkaden.

Yello Strom

We equipped a building in Cologne completely with panel blind systems and another with electric blinds.

West German casinos

We provided the casino in Dortmund with privacy films and surface films in a fine shade of gold.

University of Cologne

We equipped the university library and the philosophical seminar with various privacy films.

TÜV Rheinland

Aquasun completely equipped the new building with vertical blinds in 89 mm width. We equipped further buildings with heat protection films nationwide.


At Subway, we installed the sun protection films Prestige 40 and Prestige 70 from 3M and the anti-glare film SL 8 from Madico on the outside of the windows.

Straßen NRW

We installed different kinds of sun and glare protection blinds by Multifilm in various company branches.

Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

At various museums near Berlin, we installed UV protection films to prevent the exhibits and facilities from fading.

Sparkasse KölnBonn

We provided the institute with vertical blind systems, sun and glare protection blinds by Multifilm, as well as venetian blinds and various films.


We installed various films in a number of locations, for example security films in Mülheim, and other heat protection films on Reglit glass.


We provided a new company building in Cologne with fabric blinds for darkening and installed heat protection films.

Salzgitter AG

Aquasun equipped various buildings with roller blinds and fixed hangings by Multifilm. Other products include vertical blind systems and various films.

Saint Gobain

In NRW we delivered and installed: film roller blinds and fixed hangings by Multifilm, vertical blind systems, heat protection films and glass safety decals according to labor safety regulations.


For Rimowa in Cologne, we covered the production and management facilities with sun protection films and privacy films and we applied surface films from Resimdo to the window frames.


For various locations in Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia, we installed vertical blind systems for REWE plus various heat protection and security films.


The recycling company ordered from us a glass safety decal according to labor safety regulations and Multifilm sunblinds.

Radio Cologne

We equipped the editorial rooms of the broadcaster with Multifilm glare protection blinds. Glare-free work is now possible.

Deutsche Post

At numerous locations throughout Germany we installed privacy screens and sun protection films

Police Dortmund

In Dortmund, we installed vertical blind systems and sun and glare protection blinds by Multifilm.

Police Cologne

Here we installed sun protection films and mounted film roller blinds and vertical blind systems at various locations.

Peek & Cloppenburg

We equipped the headquarters in Dusseldorf with heat protection and privacy films.

BNP Paribas

For BNP Paribas we applied the heat protection film 3M Prestige 70 onto several buildings, such as the “Zweiturm” in Cologne.


The facade of the building has been modified with a color film to suit Oktalite’s corporate design.

NRW Bank

We equipped the NRW Bank with sun and glare protection roller blinds by Multifilm according to workplace regulations.

NR Metallbau

We carried out numerous projects for NR Metallbau in the field of privacy film and glass safety decals, such as at RWTH Aachen.


The Max Planck Institute in Dortmund had problems with heat. After mounting 3M Prestige 70, temperatures could be lowered.

City of Leverkusen

We secured numerous schools in the city by mounting anti-shatter films.


For the transport company in Cologne, we supplied and installed heat protection films, anti-scratch films and glare protection films.

Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln

We mounted UV and sun protection films at a company branch.


We mounted film blinds, various privacy films and heat protection films.

ITS Novo

For heat protection purposes, we applied various types of heat protection films at some of the new branch office’s facilities.


Ineos received from us sun and glare protection roller blinds by Multifilm and other products, for example as blast protection.


We equipped a number of branches in North Rhine-Westphalia with vertical blind systems and film roller blinds by Multifilm.


At Grohe, we installed vertical blind systems, panel curtains, Multifilm sun protection blinds and privacy screens.


We equipped Givaudan with anti-shatter films, heat protection films and film roller blinds by Multifilm.


At various institutes we installed heat protection films, a yellow light film and anti-glare roller blinds by Multifilm.


We installed heat protection films for glass and plastic for the company’s training workshop.

Finanzverwaltung NRW

Through tenders, we installed vertical blind systems and venetian blinds at various locations.

Fernuniversität in Hagen

In der Bibliothek haben wir viele Rollos von Fa. Multifilm montiert. Der vorhandene Be-stand wurde von uns gewartet und repariert.


Über 100 Folienrollos von Fa. Multifilm der Lux-Line-Klasse sorgen für ein blendfreies arbeiten im gesamten Gebäude.


Erzbistum Köln

Deutsche Rentenversicherung


Stadt Dortmund


Die Continentale



Cabinet stellt individuelle Kleiderschränke her. Wir folieren Glasdekorfolien auf die Glastüren der Schränke.









Alfred Talke


Imhoff Chocolate Museum

In the foyer and other areas we installed sun protection film to protect the chocolate from overheating and lower air conditioning costs.


For Spie we equipped different objects like Jack Wolfskin or Balcke Dürr with sun protection films and anti-glare roller blinds.

City of ​​Cologne

We applied various films, like anti-shatter films and sun protection films, in different locations.

US Consulate

In Munich, we equipped the consulate and employees’ apartments with security film for the US government.


We installed vertical blind systems and sun protection films in many buildings of Bayer AG in Leverkusen and Dormagen.


We mounted textile blinds, vertical blind systems and films, like glass safety decals and heat protection films.


For Goldbeck we equipped several objects with films and vertical blind systems.


At various locations, we mounted sun protection blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, anti-glare blinds and various films.

Axel Springer

We installed vertical blind systems and sun protection blinds in Essen.

Deutsche Bahn

We installed glare protection blinds and vertical blind systems at various locations.


Following labor safety regulations, we equipped glass safety decals in Wiesbaden.