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Video library of Aquasun

Privacy film and sun protection film – effective sun protection by Aquasun Cologne. Pleasant room climate, low air conditioner costs. Clean installation without glass removal.


Anti-fog film by Madico. It prevents the fogging of glass panes. Fields of application: Bathrooms, swimming pools, freezing range in retail and everywhere else where cold meets hot and windows fog. THIS FILM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


Mechanism of a burglar-resistant security film 300 μ A1 from AQUASUN Schutzfolien GmbH in accordance with EN 356 P2A. This shot was taken by a surveillance camera in a shop somewhere in Germany.


Lumisty / Vision Control: Mechanism of our effect film at a museum exhibition: Transparent from the front and translucent from the side


Installation guide for special film Madico ClearPlex 400